King Arthur project

Arthurian Legend Project


Ms. Cotten                                                                                          English 12


We will be going to the lab to work on a Power Point project revolving around the subject of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Here are the requirements:


1.  You will need approximately 15-20 slides to be saved to the server.

2.  Every slide should be a combination of pictures as well as copy (info).  This is true even for the title slide!

3.  You should use your time wisely while we are in the lab. 

Points:  50



Here are some possible topics:


King Arthur


Sir Lancelot

Sir Galahad

Sir Gawain


Morgan le Fay (various names)

Mordred (various spellings)


The Holy Grail



The life of a knight (becoming a knight)

Life in a medieval castle

Life in Arthur’s time—food? Weapons? Dress?

Places: (you can do a power point that combines places associated with Arthur if you want)



Authors: (you can combine authors)

Sir Thomas Malory

Others who have used the legend (you could combine several): Tennyson, Steinbeck, Twain


Arthurian archaeology-What has been found to substantiate the Arthurian legend? Where has it been found?

Arthur in the media (movies, etc.)

Where is the Arthurian legend seen today?

Use your imagination and develop your own topic!

Rubric for Arthurian Power Point






I.  Imaginative/creative presentation:                                                                _______/15



II. Sufficient inclusion of important details in copy:                                      _______/20



III. Valid information (appears to be well-researched from reputable sources) _____/15    



                                                                                                            Total:   _______/50               

Please note:  You will automatically have 5 points deducted for each missing slide or for inappropriate use of time in the lab!