AP Mayor of Casterbridge


As you read Casterbridge, annotate the text with notes, underlinings, etc. Take notes on pertinent information that involves elements such as the plot, themes, characters and their development, author's style, conflict, etc.  (yes, you should include all of these).Your annotations can either be in your own book (be prepared to show them) or in a notebook.

In addition, make a list of thought-provoking comments and write down questions you may have. These should be done by individual chapters, and you should have at least one comment/question for each chapter (more is better). Also, for at least five of the chapters, compare the actions of one character (or the words, etc.) to a character you have met in literature before. 

Be prepared to write an essay on Casterbridge the day you return. Bring your text to class with you on the first day back!